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Take - Make - Waste is NOT AN OPTION

Material price inflation (“eco-flation”) is a real risk to manufacturing businesses. Product Stewardship Legislation is an increasing threat for brands. Markets will support manufacturers who demonstrate innovation in performance and sustainability.

Yet, many waste streams (post-industrial and post-consumer) are still unaccounted for, yet opportunities abound for products to contain them. However, there are challenges in connecting waste streams with new uses, and commercially viable solutions are required to ensure they are overcome in the long term.


This is the philosophy we adopt for helping companies move towards and thrive in the “Circular Economy”.

Imparting a collective 20 years of experience, HABU(R) is a nexus of Consultancy and Brand - benefiting players, in multiple ways, along entire value-chains - what we call the HABU(R) Ecosystem:

We help manufacturers recycle and "productize" their waste (pre or post consumer). They are HABU(R) Sources.

We help manufacturers and brands develop innovative products containing high-quality recycled content. They are HABU(R) Hosts.

We build the HABU(R) Brand which provides a halo of sustainable resource use and drives recognition and marketing value for the entire HABU(R) Ecosystem.

There are bottom and top line benefits to be had through adopting HABU(R) principles – read on for more insight or contact us.

We are here to help you HABU(R)!


* The idealistic belief of “Best Use” is putting materials back into the same type of product from which they came. We will always seek this, but it is not always the most effective best use – environmentally or economically.


The 3 HABU(R) recycling loops