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10/01/13 - In Neil Hawkins's great article on The Dow's 6 habits of leading sustainable enterprises, he states "The road to success is not paved, and ..... Companies must not be afraid to try new techniques and technologies to enhance the sustainability of their own operations as well as the world around them." Also, "No matter how well it may lead, no one company can achieve long-term sustainability while operating in a silo. To maximize their impact, the world’s most sustainable corporations partner with each other and other key stakeholders" And, "True leaders recognize both their strengths and weaknesses. By acknowledging these early on and partnering with other organizations that complement them, companies with this habit can make progress more quickly and efficiently than trying to go it alone."

HABU(R) is a new collaborative business model to catalyze and incentivize corporate recycling and sustainable resource managment. We hope you will "demonstrate the habits of a leader" as Hawkins goes on to say, by partnering with HABU(R).

09/30/13 - See how Renault's circular [HABU(R)] thinking is driving down waste- note the final sentence, a quote from Jean-Philippe Hermine, the company's Vice President for Strategic Environmental Planning "We are not dreamers, we are very pragmatic in what we do - ..... we also consider the long-term changes that are linked to the sort of products we produce."

Now that's HABU(R)!